Namu is an award-winning father and non-award-winning photographer who lives in the greatest place on earth: California. He is defined by his love of his child, his community and his penchant for using a mechanical box to play with light.


From this point forward, no more 3rd person or use of the word penchant, I promise. šŸ˜‰


Everyone says their kid is the cutest, but mine has an advanced degree in cuteness. He brings me great joy. Amor aeternus!
The kid is funny, exuberant and irreverent, just like his dear ol’ dad.
They gift me with love and laughter and they make funny things with my face on them.
Life is hard. My life, in particular, has been tough, off and on. But, like the saying goes, I’ve survived everything so far! I find lots of things in this world worth living for: myself, my son and those who’ve gone before me. Also: sunlight, sushi, music, dancing, Haiku, sushi, FPS, friendship, learning, beautiful women and sushi. Also sushi.


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I’m a terrible artist.

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